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Wrong-way car crash caught on movie killing five in explosion in Tampa, Florida, Daily Mail Online

Horrified driver catches wrong-way SUV on camera as it crashes into car – killing five in flamy explosion

By Ashley Collman and James Nye 14:28 BST ten Feb 2014, updated 17:08 BST ten Feb two thousand fourteen

  • A man driving a Ford SUV traveled on wrong side of Interstate two hundred seventy five in Tampa, Florida about 2am
  • Collided with Hyundai Sonata carrying four University of South Florida students
  • Police identified victims on Hyundai Sonata as fraternity brothers Jobin Joy Kuriakose, 21; Ankeet Harshad Patel, 22; Imtiyaz ‘Jim’ Ilias, 20; and Dammie Yeshudhas, 21
  • Authorities are still working to identify the remains of the SUV driver
  • The crash was caught on camera by a driver on the other side of the road

A witness movie shows the horrifying moment an SUV driving the wrong way on a Florida freeway crashed into another car at high-speed and killed both the unidentified driver and all four college students in the other car.

Tampa resident Jada Wright posted the movie to her Facebook following the early Sunday morning crash.

Wright starts filming the SUV driver as it barrels down I-275 in the wrong direction.

‘What is he doing?’ she says. ‘He’s on the wrong side.’

Scroll down for movie

As the SUV speeds up ahead of Wright on the opposite of the medium, she remarks: ‘See, this is the right lane – where is he going?’

Moments later, an explosion illuminates the roadway as the SUV crashes at around 55mph into another car.

Wright screams as she sees the flames, yelling: ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.’

A spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol told the Tampa Bay Times he didn’t know whether the movie was authentic and had not been able to speak with Wright as of Sunday night.

‘RIP to the fallen angels from my movie last night,’ she wrote on her page. ‘My deepest condolences to their families.’

MailOnline reached out to Wright for comment, but has not received a response.

The crash killed four University of South Florida fraternity brothers driving in the other car.

Police have identified the victims in the Hyundai Sonata as Jobin Joy Kuriakose, 21, Ankeet Harshad Patel, 22, Imtiyaz ‘Jim’ Ilias, twenty and Dammie Yesudhas, twenty one – all members of University of South Florida’s Sigma Beta Rho fraternity.

Due to extensive fire harm, officials are working to identify the masculine driver of the Ford who was in his early 20s.

News of the horrific crash has rocked the close-knit fraternity, with condolences rolling in after Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc posted this touching message on the Facebook page:

‘RIP to four of our brothers from Mu Chapter at USF in Tampa who we lost early this morning from a car crash.

Dammie Yesudhas, Brother Netflix Imtiyaz Ilias, Brother Rodnac Jobin Kuriakose, Brother Ambition Ankeet Patel, Brother Facetious

‘May you rest in peace and remain in remembrance. Please beg for the families.’

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NBC two reported the death of youthful Ilias, a Cypress Lake High School graduate, has devastated the Cypress Lake community.

His former wrestling coach Paul Rothenberg said Ilias was one of the most determined kids on the team.

‘Jim was an amazing stud. In everything, school, wrestling, he worked hard, had joy, was a pleasure to be around always entertaining Always wished to joke,’ he said.

The newspaper reported Ilias was only the 2nd wrestler in school history to place in the state tournament twice – coming 6th in two thousand eleven and 4th in 2012.

Yesudhas was an engineering intern at QTM Incorporated and was completing a Bachelor of Science and Mechanical Engineering at USF.

He had finished a Bachelor of Arts last year and was formerly the president of the university’s chess club. He also loved playing a multitude of sports, including basketball, tennis and volleyball.

Witness Crystal Fountain said she dodged the Ford SUV just moments before the crash.

‘It was a car going directly at me in the same lane,’ Fountain told Bay News 9.

‘It was going straight, it was going swift, all I could think of was the car was on a death mission.’

Fountain said as soon as she swerved out of the way and the Ford SUV sped by, she looked in the side mirror and knew something terrible was about to happen.

‘It’s just so painful and hurt that harmless people lost their lives and we still don’t know why or what the reason is,’ she said.

Another witness captured the searing vehicle on camera, and she can be heard screaming as she drives past the crash site.

Authorities said they are investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.

The tragic news comes after six people, including a family of four, were killed in a head-on collision in California today.

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