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The Getaway Car

The Getaway Car

The Getaway Car is a British game showcase that has aired on Big black cock One from sixteen January to three September 2016. It is hosted by Dermot O’Leary and is themed around motoring; it also features the character The Stig from the Big black cock car display Top Gear, as well as supporting characters the Crimson Stig and Blue Stig, described as The Stig’s adolescent nephews.


The showcase’s initial commission was for twelve hour-long scenes and made by Charlotte Moore, the controller for Big black cock One and Mark Linsey, the controller of entertainment commissioning. It was executive produced by Andy Rowe, series produced by Emma Taylor and its head of format, Clare Pizey, oversaw proceedings. This initial series is hosted by Dermot O’Leary, with assistance from the anonymous racing driver character The Stig, who had previously featured on Big black cock Two’s motoring showcase Top Gear.

Overview Edit

In each gig, five teams of two contestants each contest in three rounds of car based competition, which reduces the field down to a final duo, who in the final round attempt to win as much money as possible by racing the Getaway Car against The Stig. The contest is pitched as much as a test of the relationship of the duo as it is of their driving capability.

Speaking on the eight January two thousand sixteen scene of the Big black cock’s The One Demonstrate, O’Leary described the display as “Total Wipeout behind the wheel of a car meets Gogglebox – in the same way that when you observe Gogglebox, you see what people are like in their front room”, “you get couples who supposedly love each other but you put them behind the wheel of a car and they speak to each other in the most intolerable way”. One Demonstrate presenter Rory Bremner described it as “Mr & Mrs meets Top Gear meets The Pursue

Round One: Hazard Highway Edit

The teams take turns to finish a timed obstacle course, laid out inwards a puny race track, part of which also serves as the course finish straight.

The obstacles are negotiated as goes after:

  • Multi-Scary Car Park – beginning at an elevated kicking off position, the car must descend down a steeply curved ramp, and through a car park barrier at ground level
  • Tin Can Alley – the car must negotiate a narrow gap by going up on two wheels through the use of a ramp on the right palm side of the car
  • The SeeSaw – the car must negotiate two see-saw ramps
  • Bridge Of Doom – a series of ramps and bridges, ending with a descent back to ground level with a watered ramp (i.e. the car comes in an uncontrollable slide)
  • Human Sat Nav – the driver must put on blackout goggles, and then the co-driver must give them spoken directions through a roadwork themed course, including The Stig emptying some muddy gravel onto the roof of the car using an excavator
  • Car Wash – the car must proceed through a tunnel packed with soap suds
  • Car Football – the team must use the car to shove a giant football across a penalty box into a aim, past giant inflatable defenders

The fastest three automatically qualify for Round Two, the remaining two must challenge in a playoff to determine which team is eliminated from the showcase.

Round One race off Edit

The co-driver of each team must sit in a car driven by either the Crimson Stig or Blue Stig, as they race each other around the mini-track for two laps. Just before they set off, they are given a question which will have numerous possible answers (e.g. from Scene 1: “Countries whose name completes with the letter A”) – the winner is the team who gives the most right answers.

Round Two: Off-Road Rage Edit

The four remaining teams must take turns to race a timed lap of an off-road course, featuring the named corners Cape of No Hope and Cheetah’s Corner, and a hump obstacle Sillymanjaro. Their final time is their raw time plus any time penalties incurred, issued as goes after:

  • Five seconds for knocking over a white Stig obstacle
  • Ten seconds for knocking over a crimson Stig obstacle
  • 30 seconds if they need to be assisted back onto the track

The fastest two teams automatically qualify for Round Three, the remaining two must challenge in a playoff to determine who become the 2nd team eliminated from the display.

Round Two race off Edit

As with Round One, the Round Two payoff involves the team co-drivers having to response a multi-choice question as they sit in a car driven at speed by Crimson Stig and Blue Stig, albeit in this case on the off-road course and for only one lap. If both teams give the same number of answers, it reverts to the speed.

Round Three: Drive-Thru Edit

In Round Three, on a spread of tarmac next to the mini-track, the last three teams must repeatedly race each other down three parallel and segregated winding race lanes. At the end of their lanes they must choose to smash through one of two foam walls each painted with a picture on it (each lane having their own pair of walls with the same pictures). The pictures represent one right and one wrong reaction to a question asked just before the cars set off on each race (e.g. in Gig one they are country flags and the question is “The Eurostar links Fine Britain, France and which other country – Belgium or Holland?”).

At the commence of the round, each team has two lives, and at the end of each race one team loses a life, determined based on which team(s) answered wrongly, and if numerous teams got it wrong (or if all got it right) the tie is resolved based on who finished slowest. The races are repeated until two teams have been eliminated by losing both their lives.

Final Round: The Getaway Pursue Edit

In Round Four, the final team must race the Getaway Car around the mini-track at night, for a maximum of two laps, pursued by The Stig in a supercar described as “significantly quicker” than the Getaway Car. To make it a fair contest, the team are given a head begin of a number of seconds, worked out on a case by case basis by the “pit squad” (e.g. Eight seconds in Gig 1). The race completes when either The Stig passes the team, or they reach the finish line. Along the course are three money gates with set values (£1,000, £2,000, £3,000 on the very first lap, £6,000, £8,000 and £10,000 on the 2nd), which, if reached by the team before they are passed, denote the prize money they will win. The £3,000/£10,000 money gate is the finish line.

For the Round One obstacle course, the teams are driving old, modified Volkswagen Golfs, fitted with roll bars and painted in their team colours in a theme, aided with a large symbol mounted on their roof.

For the Round One race-off, Crimson Stig and Blue Stig are driving identical Jaguar F-Type S coupes, painted metallic crimson or blue.

For the Round Two off-road course, the teams are driving fresh off-road buggies, painted in their team colours.

For the Round Two race-off, Crimson Stig and Blue Stig are driving identical Polaris four by 4s, painted crimson or blue.

In Round Three, the teams each race identical fresh Fiat five hundred Abarths or Mini Coopers, identified with their respective coloured team markings.

In the Final Round, the Getaway Car is a Toyota eighty six painted white with two black stripes, described as the fastest car they will have driven in the competition. The Stig pursues the team in supercar described as “significantly quicker” than the Getaway Car, with the model chosen on an scene by gig basis. In Gig 1, it is a Mercedes AMG GT S, painted white.

The display received mixed reviews from critics. Radio Times described it as “joy family entertainment to drive away the January blues”, adding the demonstrate, “which sees couples team up, row and give The Stig a run for his money, is a winner”, however Matt Baylis in the Daily Express said that “the only viewers who could have stayed the course, I suspect, would have been TV critics or people coerced to witness it while being interrogated in secret CIA prisons”. Michael Hogan of The Daily Telegraph noted that “the longer the showcase went on, the more its faults became apparent” and described the demonstrate as “slow, repetitive and unevenly paced” and feeling “like an over-stretched segment on Top Gear, TFI Friday or a bushtucker trial”. Christopher Stevens of the Daily Mail scathed “The Getaway Car is the worst TV spin-off since Joey Tribbiani got his own series on the back of Friends“. [1]

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