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State Police Report – June 6, 2015

State Police Report – June 6, 2015

Two Fresh Bloomfield women reported the theft of jewelry from a home on Wilson Lane, Centre Twp., inbetween March fifteen and May 24.

State police said two Oliver Twp. residents, a 37-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman, will be cited with harassment after being involved in a physical quarrel at 7:20 p.m., May 27, in the eight hundred block of Mallard Drive.

Plain brunt charges were filed against Myron Harris, 50, of Marysville after he allegedly shoved a Marysville woman into a wall during an argument on May twenty five in the three hundred block of Locust Street. The woman’s shoulder was injured and she was transported by EMS to a hospital.

Matthew McCann, 33, of Liverpool was cited for driving on roadways laned for traffic after an accident on Route 11/15 South in Liverpool Twp. at Four:45 p.m., May 24. McCann’s two thousand eleven Toyota Tacoma hit a two thousand eight Lexus RX350A while passing.

Both drivers and a passenger in the Lexus were using seat belts. McCann was not injured. The others had minor injuries.

A motorcyclist was taken to Hershey Medical Center with major injuries after an accident on Middle Ridge Road at Zellers Lane in Saville Twp. at Five:50 p.m., May Nineteen.

As Kevin Kaylor, 26, of Elliottsburg pulled onto Middle Ridge Road, his Baja was struck by a westbound two thousand twelve Chevrolet Cruze. Kaylor landed on the spandex hood of the car and was thrown to the ground when the car stopped.

Police said Kaylor was not wearing a helmet and that the motorcycle was unregistered. He was charged with vehicle coming in or crossing road.

Fresh Bloomfield EMS assisted at the scene.

Blair Yorks of McAlisterville hit a deer on Route three hundred twenty two with his two thousand ten Chevrolet Cobalt LT at Five:39 a.m., May 28, in Greenwood Twp.

Yorks was wearing a seat belt and was not injured.

Clint Kitner, 34, of Fresh Bloomfield was driving east on Route eight hundred forty nine in Reed Twp., Dauphin County, when he rear-ended a two thousand five Nissan Exterra with his two thousand eight Ford at 6:26 a.m., May Nineteen, on a ramp to Route three hundred twenty two East.

Both drivers were using seat belts. Kitner was not injured and the other driver had minor injuries. Kitner was cited for following too closely.

Duncannon EMS assisted at the scene.

Lucas Glinski, Legitimate, of Shermans Dale was arrested for DUI after he wrecked his two thousand two Honda Civic at 12:54 a.m., May 15. He was going north on Route thirty four in Carroll Twp. when his car went off the road and struck an embankment and shrubbery.

Glinski was using a seat belt and was not injured. He also was cited for driving at safe speed.

The Civic was towed.

Robert Lemaster, 57, of Liverpool died in a one-vehicle crash in the two thousand block of Perry Valley Road, Liverpool Twp., inbetween one and 1:25 p.m., May 22.

Liverpool Fire Company, Millerstown EMS and the Perry County coroner assisted at the scene.

A person walked into the Newport Police Station and reported a robbery inbetween nine and 9:30 a.m., May 1, along Route 11/15 in Watts Twp. The suspects were described as two masculines over six feet, five inches tall and very big.

When a passenger-side tire blew out on a one thousand nine hundred ninety nine Dodge Neon, Orielyn Turnbaugh, Nineteen, of Newport lost control of the car on Shermans Valley Road in Centre Twp. at Two:30 p.m., May 17, west of Boose Road. The car spun and collided with a fence.

Turnbaugh was using a seat belt and was not injured. She was cited for tire and equipment and traction.

An Ickesburg woman told state police her Pennsylvania Access card may have been taken and used without her permission by a 22-year-old woman. Approximately $118 had been eliminated from the card.

Jereme Lockey, 30, of Landisburg was driving south in the three thousand block of Veterans Way (Route 74) in Saville Twp. when he lost control of his two thousand five Dodge Durango at 1:50 p.m., May 12. The vehicle went into a ditch and overturned onto its roof.

Lockey was using a seat belt and was not injured. He was cited for roadways laned for traffic.

The Durango was towed by J.W. Smith Towing.

The two thousand six Dodge Ram Stanley Richard of Landisburg was driving on Route seventy four in Turbett Twp. in Juniata County caught fire at 11:35 a.m., May 15, one mile west of the Perry County line.

The driver was not injured.

Ickesburg and Millerstown fire companies assisted at the scene. The vehicle was towed by Martin’s Towing.

Nathan Dolan of Crimson Lion was driving west on Route three hundred twenty two in Watts Twp. when his two thousand nine Honda Civic struck a deer on the road at 7:30 p.m., May 21.

Kevin S. Bryan, 46, of Liverpool was charged with one count of harassment after a domestic disturbance at 9:58 a.m., May 16, in the very first block of S. Front Street.

A physical quarrel at 8:20 a.m., May 21, in the one hundred block of Old State Road, Carroll Twp., inbetween a 37-year-old Shermans Dale woman and a 36-year-old Loysville man resulted in charges being brought through district court. The woman was charged with one count of harassment. The man was charged with one count of criminal trespass.

A man reported money stolen from a wallet inbetween noon and one p.m., May 11, on Wheatfield Lane, Shermans Dale.

Joseph Smyers III, 53, of Millerstown was charged with one count of disorderly conduct after an incident at Ten:Ten p.m., May 12, in the three thousand block of Raccoon Valley Road, Tuscarora Twp. He is accused of driving a Polaris around a person’s yard and then pounding on windows and doors of the residence.

Matthew Crossley is accused of pumping $28.17 worth of gas at FBF in Ickesburg at 8:30 p.m., May 8, and leaving without paying. He later was charged through district court with retail theft.

Several vehicles in a wooded area in the one thousand two hundred block of Buckwheat Road in Tuscarora were reported to be bruised inbetween May three and 17.

A 12-year-old Shermans Dale masculine was charged with terroristic threats. He allegedly made violent threats toward two Shermans Dale masculines, ages seven and 11, at Three:15 p.m., May 26, at the intersection of Wheatfield Lane and Airy View Road, Carroll Twp.

A wallet was reported stolen from a backpack at Billy Cox Field in Newport at Five:42 p.m., May 16.

Ronald Lupold of Blain reported the theft of two Plotwatcher game surveillance cameras from a wooded area in the one hundred block of Union Hollow Road in Toboyne Twp. inbetween April thirty and May Four.

Brandon Foust of Shermans Dale reported the theft of an orange and gray Echo chain eyed inbetween May twenty three and twenty five in the very first block of Ridge Road, Carroll Twp.

As Robert Smith, 79, of Harrisburg was attempting to cross Route thirty four from W. Shortcut Road in Howe Twp., his two thousand two Mercury Sable collided with a northbound one thousand nine hundred ninety nine Plymouth Breeze at 12:12 p.m., May 25.

Smith and a passenger in his vehicle were using seat belts and were not injured. He was cited for stop signs and yield signs.

The other driver and two passengers in the vehicle had on safety restraints and were not injured.

Newport fire and EMS assisted at the scene. The Plymouth was towed by Fuller’s Towing.

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