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Force one V10

Force one V10

The two-seat, all carbon fiber-bodied Force1 is a high-performance, low-production sports car. Force one features an all carbon fiber, lightweight bod and 21-inch wheels with high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires and Brembo high-performance brakes. The car has one of the most powerful naturally aspirated road engines in the world delivering the best spectacle in its price class.

Force one embodies Henrik Fisker’s design language, which underpins all VLF Automotive cars. With Fisker’s signature balance inbetween Proportion, Sculpture and Graphics, the exterior design of Force one boasts classic American sports car proportions with the long fetish mask, brief front overhang, long tail, shoved out wheels. “In the case of Force 1, there is an enormously shoved back green house,” Fisker explained. “The sculpture on Force one is like a family succession to Destino, dramatic and powerful, relative vapid surfaces on the high end of the bod side, with lines total of strain, emerging onto a rounder lower section, where Force one has a large functional outlet. The sculptural bondage mask has unique large negative surfaces, as in the family of the Destino, with six very needed air intakes and outlets for the 745-HP 8.Four L V10 engine. The windscreen wraps around into the side glass, followed by an elegant, yet aggressive side-line sweeping up towards the rear deck. The graphics are uniquely sleek, with ultra lean lights in front and at the rear, UTV laser blade tail lamps, the skinniest tail lamps in the world. The day light opening (DLO), or side window, has a entirely fresh graphic that finishes up in a acute spear, never seen like this before.”

Force one incorporates down force elements such as the deep front spoiler and aggressive rear diffusor in unspoiled visible carbon fiber. At the top of the rear glass sits a unique rear wing spoiler also housing the in car WiFi and 3rd brake light.

Both the front and rear signature Henrik Fisker wheels have a concave section design to improve strength of the wheel, requiring less mass. The 21-inch Aluminum wheels with the broad high spectacle Pirelli tires sits in lean sculptured pronounced wheel arches. The front features an aggressive grille housing the VLF logo in the center, and two ultra-slim lights sitting above the grille. Behind the carbon-fiber roof sits a puny spoiler/antenna enabling Wi-Fi connectivity in the vehicle. The interior is luxurious, with forearm stitched ultra-soft leather, Alcantarra, suede with several other unique features, such as a champagne holder.

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