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The latest car tuning news and modified cars from around the world. We cover all the latest car tuning projects and tuning news once it hits the press.

Carmony Rebrands for Thicker Chunk of the Used Car Market

Should You Buy Tires Made in China?

These days a lot of accusation and allegations revolved around none other than Chinese manufacturers for not delivering up to the mark products that are worthy of use and can go a long way. The consumers have faced number of issues and some of the concerns somehow look genuinely authentic. Most of the complaints and concerns were raised from the American based consumers, the manufacturers at the other end have something that reflects to their statement fairly well; you get for what you pay, very resilient tires does not come under range of every one so therefore quality walks forearm by arm with the prices.

Badass Alert! Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV Gives The Ford F-150 Raptor A Fresh Look

Check out this latest movie from Hennessey Spectacle, showcasing their fresh two thousand fourteen VelociRaptor SUV based on the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck. If you want a truck that has it all, then look no further as the $149,500 price tag is not a joke. It features a 6.2-liter V8 powerplant that has been supercharged from the factory four hundred eleven bhp, to now produce a whopping six hundred bhp. This permits the sporty truck as we may say, to sprint from zero to sixty mph in just Five.9 seconds which is 1.6 seconds swifter than the stock version.

Roberto Cavalli two thousand thirteen Life Ball Mini Paceman sold for $200,000

At the 2013 Life Ball event in Vienna, Austria this Roberto Cavalli gold-themed Mini Paceman sold for €150,000 or $194,000 with all proceeds helping HIV/AIDS. This is the most expensive Mini ever sold at a Life Ball auction, and Ralf Schepull, the head of Mini brand communications said, “We are very pleased that the one-off MINI has sold for a record price and can thus make a special contribution to projects dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS. The charity principle is an significant part of the MINI brand, which likes a unique platform through this partnership with the Life Ball.”

Vivid Racing Targa Newfoundland Rally Documentary

Vivid Racing has welcomed the fresh year with this amazing documentary of the two thousand twelve Targa Newfoundland Rally. The very first part shows the scenery and Porsche nine hundred eleven Turbo tearing through the streets while the 2nd part gives us very first mitt interviews from the participants and more footage of the race. A year ago, Vivid Racing released an incredible movie of their Mercedes C63 that is now about to hit one million views, so be sure to check out their finish line of work. Now go witness the total HD documentary after the hop, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Ford Mustangs, Hot Chicks and Burnouts From American Muscle

The Ford Mustang specialists at American Muscle have paired up with several hot models and customer cars to shoot their two thousand thirteen American Muscle Calendar. Not only was this a hit at the shop and live on Ustream, but on August 12, two thousand twelve over 1,000 Mustangs will gather in Media, PA for the largest Mustang-only showcase of the year. Proceeds will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) and is just one of the many events American Muscle throws every year. Hit the leap to see some fresh and old Ford Mustangs along with the hot car damsels as usual.

Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco

Ken Block and DC Boots have just released the Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco for our viewing pleasure. If you haven’t observed the previous four Gymkhana movies, then wake up and check out the links below! GYM5 was based in the streets of San Francisco and consists of prompt precise driving abilities caught on raw movie. Ken Block turned the entire city into his individual playground as you can see they entirely shut down the entire Bay Bridge for him to drive through. Several large parts of the city were shut down for this epic four day filming.

Pagani Zonda R Evo Will Debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

At the end of this month, the all fresh Pagani Zonda R Evo will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is the very anticipated successor of the original Zonda R that the world fell in love with. This updated Evo edition will hold a 6.0-liter V12 powerplant that produces a whopping seven hundred sixty horsepower. With the lightweight and nimble framework of the Pagani Zonda R Evo, this particular model will be able to accelerate from zero to one hundred km/h in less than Two.7 seconds and hit an overall top speed of three hundred fifty one km/h or two hundred eighteen mph!

Michelin Behind The Scenes At twenty four Hours of Le Stud’s

Michelin has sent us this behind the scenes look of the 24 Hours of Le Boy’s race which will commence tomorrow, June 16th and last until the 17th. They have paired up with the Audi team and their practice of the early morning warm up hours through the final few hours. Most people think this race is just twenty four hours long, but is actually much more than that.

The Car Tuning Infographic

When it comes to car tuning, the average car proprietor can always improve their rail with a few ordinary customization’s. Whether the tuning enthusiast is looking to add more power, styling or even gas mileage these days, the internet is the ideal source for finding this information. Most popular modified cars feature aftermarket parts like a cold air intake filter or a high spectacle harass to commence off. Those looking for extra car styling may install fresh rims or wheels along with suspension modding to give it a fresh look. Here we have the ultimate car tuning infographic to help those determine which route they choose to go with their tuned cars.

Gymkhana Infographic

Check out the official Gymkhana Infographic that has recently been released by DC Footwear. Gymkhana set records worldwide, and you see what it took to make all four amazing movies. If you missed out on any of the Gymkhana movies or want to see them again, visit these links below.

2012 Gumball three thousand Is About To Begin!

The 2012 Gumball 3000 starts up this weekend for it’s 14th rendition, and will undoubtedly be as wild as the past duo years. For those who are not familiar, the Trio,000-mile rally will begin in Fresh York this year, pass through Canada, and end in Los Angeles after making five pit stops along the way. During each stop, the entire group of entrants throw a enormous party with the gathering of celebrities and all different kinds of unique and tuned cars. It will kick off this Friday at noon in Fresh York, with tons of fancy rails and celebrity appearances. Stay tuned for more Gumball three thousand pictures and movies.

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