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The thousands of cruise ship passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico due to Hurricane Harvey are ultimately heading home. The Port of Galveston reopened Thursday, ready to welcome three Carnival Cruise Line ships and one Royal Caribbean International ship.

Cruise Features

Stranded on cruise ship by Harvey, Two,000 passengers disembark in Miami

The Liberty of the Seas docked in PortMiami Tuesday, after being rerouted because of what is now Tropical Storm Harvey.

Three cruise ships are still stranded after Harvey. One is headed to Miami

One cruise ship, Royal Caribbean International’s Liberty of the Seas, stranded in the Gulf of Mexico before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, will head to Miami. Carnival Cruise Line’s three ships in the Gulf will remain there until the Port of Galveston reopens.

Eastern Air Lines ‘golden days` archive grounds at UM

The original Eastern Air Lines holds a special place in the hearts of those who’ve worked, flown or been a part of the Miami carrier over its history from one thousand nine hundred twenty six to 1991. Recently the airline’s retirees association donated a large historical archive to University of Miami.

Almost 15,000 cruisers stranded on ships in the Gulf of Mexico due to Hurricane Harvey

Cruisers on three Carnival Cruise Line ships and one Royal Caribbean International vessel are likely to be stuck in the Gulf of Mexico most of the weekend as Hurricane Harvey barrels toward Texas.

Here`s Bonnie Tyler singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart` during the eclipse

Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler belted out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas Monday afternoon, an eclipse concert almost a year in the making.

Employee of cruise duty-free stores accused of $Two.6 million ripoff

Hialeah’s Carmen Silvia Rodriguez faces two counts of wire fraud after, prosecutors say, a six-year scheme that permitted her to embezzle $Two.6 million from employer Starboard Cruise Services

Norwegian cancels far-right group`s «Rebel Cruise» from Miami

After pressure from an anti-racism advocacy group in the United Kingdom, Norwegian on Wednesday canceled a Nov. Twelve sailing for a far-right Canadian media group.

Bonnie Tyler will sing hit ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart` on a cruise ship during eclipse

Royal Caribbean International announced Wednesday that Bonnie Tyler has been invited to belt her hit ‘80s ballad, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” during a concert on the ship as, above, a solar eclipse plunges the sky into darkness.

Cruisers can race ‘prompt and furious,` play laser tag on Norwegian`s fresh ship

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Four,000-passenger Norwegian Bliss will be home to the longest race track at sea, a laser tag course and fresh restaurants. The ship will sail from Miami beginning November 2018.

Disney Cruise Line is growing with three fresh ships by two thousand twenty three

Disney Cruise Line is building a third fresh ship, the line announced Saturday, in addition to its previously announced order of two fresh ships. That will almost dual the line’s fleet from four vessels to seven.

Is a sea cruise right for you and your gang? This tale of the eastern Danube may hold the response

Determining on a sea cruise for our group journey was plain. Determining where to sail was another matter. Eastern Europe turned out to be a rave-worthy destination.

How to choose a sea cruise

As with any vacation, when it comes to sea cruises, there’s more to getting the best value than meets the eye.

Disney unveils model of upcoming Starlet Wars land

A model of Starlet Wars land being built at Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland Resort in Southern California was unveiled at the D23 Expo, the annual convention of Disney fans, by Bob Chapek, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The two grounds, scheduled to open in 2019, are set at a remote trading port on a planet not seen before and is one of the last stops on the edge of Wild Space.

Florida lodges with three rental car companies over electronic toll complaints

Avis, which also wields Budget and Payless rental car companies, has agreed to “clearly and conspicuously” disclose that it charges customers $Trio.95 a day to customers who encounter toll booths that permit only electronic payments.

Fewer airplanes but more cruise ships going to Cuba after Norwegian adds 2nd vessel

On Monday, Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line announced it is adding a 2nd ship for four-day cruises to Havana, following a barrage of announcements from airlines about diminished or canceled service to Cuba.

What Trump`s fresh Cuba policy means for travelers to the island

Travelers should prepare for more U.S. scrutiny in the future of why they are traveling to Cuba, but until fresh regulations are written, more liberal Obama-era rules remain in effect.

Ritz-Carlton isn`t all about hotels anymore. Now it`s launching a cruise line

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is launching a luxury cruising yacht line scheduled to hit the water in the fourth quarter of 2019, the company announced Thursday. The fresh Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will be based in Coconut Grove.

Crystal Cruises is canceling trips on its $159,000-per-passenger air tours

Crystal Cruises, an ultra-luxury line with offices in Miami, is canceling trips on its anticipated, six-figure price tag AirCruise program.

Carnival reroutes ships in Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean due to tropical storms

Three Carnival Cruise Line ships leaving from Miami, Galveston, Texas and Fresh Orleans, Louisiana, have been rerouted to avoid two tropical storms.

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